Orr Park Basketball Court Improvements, Orrville, Ohio
Engineering Associates, Inc. provided services for the detailed design and construction administration for the replacement of basketball courts at Orr Park. Funding for this project included an Ohio Department of Natural Resources NatureWorks Grant. Estimated construction cost was $64,000.

RIC Richland Bike Path, Richland County, Ohio
Engineering Associates prepared construction plans for an 18.4 mile long bikepath on the abandoned B&O Railroad track in Richland County. The project began in Butler and ended at North Park in Mansfield. The project required the re-creation of the original railroad centerline for the entire length of the project. The path was a 10 foot wide paved surface with turf shoulders. The alignment included 20 side road crossing (4 State Routes), 17 bridges ranging in span from 21 – 269 feet, 25 culverts, and 24 driveway crossings. Several locations along the bikepath required minor relocations from the centerline to avoid major impacts to adjoining properties or to cross roads at 90 angles. The relocations were accomplished without requiring additional right of way. Bridge work involved placing decks and railings on existing bridges. Signing and pavement marking details were included in the plans. The construction cost was $3,000,000.

ASD Loudonville Bikepath Bridge and Pathway, Loudonville, Ohio
Engineering Associates, Inc. prepared ODOT Transportation Enhancement Funding application to obtain 80% funding for the construction of a bike path bridge over the Black Fork of the Mohican River. ODOT awarded Loudonville TEA funds for the construction cost based upon the grant application. Engineering Associates, Inc. completed design plans for 525 feet of new bike path to connect to existing paths and a 14’ wide x 116’ long single span, prefabricated half-through truss bridge on capped pile abutments. ODOT LPA contract bidding documents were prepared and contract bidding and award was coordinated by our office. The construction cost was $250,000.